Saturday, February 25, 2012

Five Member Commission

Had the opportunity today to give a short talk at the Otero County Republican Pre-Primary Convention. Great group of people by the way!

I mentioned very briefly the fact that the County has not even started the process of re-districting and as such I really was not sure what District I should claim.  While I currently live and am running in District 3, that could change depending on the re-districting. I mentioned in my talk that it could even become a five member district, something I support!

What I did not expect was the number of people that approached me throughout the rest of this meeting in support of a five member commission.

Later in the day I sat through the forum for the city of Alamogordo candidates for City Commission.
Another great group of people.

During this two hour event I had the opportunity to talk to numerous people and asked their opinion on a five member County Commission.

Including both groups of people that I talked to today and the number of people that I have talked to in general since starting my campaign, I have only heard one person state that he opposes the idea of a five member commission. That person of course is my opponent, Commissioner Ronny Rardin.

So, I'm asking you, the citizens, to please e-mail or call me and let me know what your thinking is on this topic.

I'll give this a week or so and then post my thinking on this concept as well as the results of this informal survey.

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