Monday, June 4, 2012

And the TRUTH of the matter is...

Recently the Republican Party of Otero County allowed time for each candidate to speak at their monthly meetings. This was a much appreciated opportunity for each person to give their views on the office they sought.  Each candidate for a particular office had time at a different meeting from their opponent so there was not supposed to be any debate between candidates.
However while giving my talk Commissioner Rardin stood up and stated that I was "just mad" because I had applied for a particular job with the county, did not get the job, and sued the county over it. Well I didn't recall that happening so I denied it. Commissioner Rardin then stated that I was "a liar".
Before I could gather my thoughts, yes I was a bit shaken by his unprofessional conduct, he left the meeting. Not allowing me time to present the facts.
So, as I have done with every issue in this election, I submitted to Otero County a request for public information concerning Commissioner Rardins statements.
What I found was that the county has no record of my applying for the job in question, no record of my filing a law suit against the county or even a notice of intent to sue the county. Just as I had stated previously.
So, under Commissioner Rardins "leadership" is the county in such a mess that they have no idea that someone applied for a job, or worse yet that they were sued and never knew about it?
Or does it just show once again the unprofessional conduct by Commissioner Rardin and the fact that when confronted with facts that he does not like, he resorts to name calling and lies?
I have been researching county issues for years, and have found the various county offices and employees to be quite organized, and well aware of what was going on in their respective departments, so I would have to believe the latter.
Commissioner Rardin spoke at the next months meeting and I was encouraged to confront him with the true facts of the matter.
I declined the opportunity to do so because I refuse to stoop to his level of "professionalism". That particular setting was not the place for a debate between candidates.
It's time for a change for the better of Otero County, time for professional leadership and time for accountability on the County Commission.

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